Our Story...Our Journey

How we became the leader in the hen bedding industry!
The best thing about the future is it comes one day at a time!
—Abraham Lincolon

The founder of BeechBed Mix LLC has taken his business to the next level by creating the blueprint for becoming a hen bedding leader in back yard chickens in the poultry industry.  Chuck German, founder of BeechBed Mix LLC (BBM). BBM was ready to do business in 2006, creating a company that one day soon would become hen box leader providing a great nesting box for egg laying hens.

1.    Entrepreneurs aren’t always born – sometimes, they’re made.  Chuck is the first to admit that he didn’t have natural business instincts. He had to develop them, mainly through self-help business books and by tapping into the knowledge and experience of his entrepreneurial peers and mentors.

2.    Failure isn’t always final – sometimes, it’s feedback.  BBM has learned over the years it takes hard work and dedication by no less than 100 hours of work each week. BBM has always welcomed valuable feedback on how to present their company and business proposition in the best possible light so that, when the right opportunity presented itself, they would be able to capitalize on it. Dale Carnegie, once said, “Develop success from failures.
Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.”
BBM says “We went through an intense learning process made necessary changes to our business model making it a very viable plan to succeed."
3.    Recruitment always works best by a ‘rule of three’.  When hiring people at BBM, Chuck believes and lives by these three rules – firstly, you hire a staff that is
smarter than you; secondly, we hired the best staff they possibly could and, thirdly, they gave their staff the space to do what they did best. As the late Steve Jobs famously said (in relation to his recruitment methods at Apple), “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do. We hire smart people, so they can tell us what to do.”
“Chuck and his son Brett had three simple rules: hire smarter than ourselves, hire the very best – and then get out of the way. It’s an academic style of ‘management’ and much like being a good parent. You
can’t produce manufacturing creativity, but you can identify it, nourish it and let your business grow.

Our Story

BeechBed Mix LLC

Started in 2006, the beginning of new kind of small animal bedding was made....

BeechBed Mix small animal bedding is made from renewable resources which is a premium small animal bedding. The characteristics and properties of our bedding is great. Made from Michigan hardwoods giving small animals a great bedding/litter all in one.

BeechBed Mix LLC promises to our customers and non-customers alike that we will operate as stewards. We will conduct business in a way to preserve and to protect all that makes this country great for the future generations. Our animal bedding is made in America by American workers. BeechBed Mix LLC is made from renewable materials and is entirely recyclable. We will continue to develop new processes in design and fabrication to make our products the best for all small animals. We will promote the importance of craftsmanship we use. We will act as financial stewards with a percentage of every bag we sell, helping a pet organization in need. This is not our "mission statement", or "brand message", it is our Promise.

BeechBed Mix now offers to the egg laying community a nesting box filled with Simplicity Hen Bedding making a comfortable place for hens to lay their eggs safely and securely, for millions of back yard egg laying hens in the U.S. with safer nesting boxes.

BeechBed Mix LLC is now connected to the Michigan Farm Bureau in Allegan, Michigan. Farm bureau members can now receive discount pricing through our website 24/7 days a week. We are also connected to Michigan State University's Agriculture Department as well.

We will bring you more updates in the coming weeks.