Mother Hen Approved!

Our Proprietary Shavings Make All The Difference.

Hens Prefer Laying Eggs in Our Nests

Hens Prefer Laying Eggs in Our Nests

Simplicity hen bedding is a unique blend of hardwoods cut from the state of Michigan. This was created especially as Hen Bedding and is good for all egg laying hens. BeechBed Mix LLC, gives your hens a comfortable, egg laying, nesting box that provides comfort year-round, as well as, added extra warmth during those cold winter days and nights.

Instruction on When to Change:
We recommend spot cleaning daily. You can easily replace one soiled section and simply add new hen bedding to that area of the box. A complete change of your nesting boxes should be done weekly.  If more than one hen uses the same nesting box then that nesting box will require changing more frequently.  Why change the bedding frequently?

We recommend changing our hen bedding frequently for two reasons: Hens can be picky and may stop laying eggs in the nesting box “if it gets to dirty.” And if our Hen bedding gets to low you might experience more egg breakage (from scratching the eggs out). When the nest boxes are clean the eggs stay cleaner too.
Furthermore, we recommend a full hen house clean up twice a year. This is especially important once after the bulk of winter/spring rains have passed. The second clean up should
occur just after the bulk of fall/winter rain and snow begin. If it’s predicted to be extra cold, you can add an extra layer of Simplicity to their nest boxes for warmth.

I cannot believe the difference in this hen bedding.
My boxes stay cleaner longer and eggs are definitely more protected!   
— Rebecca H.